All products are made within 2 to 8 days to last decades with no fading. Archival inks and premium materials are used. Shop any time, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Fine Art America / Pixels has 15 fulfillment centers among 5 countries. Orders are on their way, after the 2 to 8 days for production, within 2 to 3 business days. Have questions? Call our company any time 877 807-5901. I am an artist sharing my originals in prints as I joyfully paint for you, your family & friends, Rosie Foshee

Themed Collections

Shop for art design prints by themed collections of my original paintings of A-Z Birds, Blooms & Butterflies, Kids Gifts & Room Decor, Landscapes, Paintings of Faith, and I have included birds, butterflies, wildlife, and plan to include family pets and farm animals in with the wildlife, and this collection is A_Z The Wonder of Nature. Whimsical to The Core is my newest collection. Simply click on your choice of artwork, then click on through to the art designed product you're interested in, then make your purchase, My goal is to become a daily painter along with my busy side of life. Joyfully painting for you, family & friends, Rosie Foshee.


Each of my artworks, all brushworks by my hand, can be produced as an acrylic print, art print, canvas print, your choice of framed print, print framed with mat, poster, metal print, wood print, all in various sizes. You will also find the art prints on tote bags, weekender totes, carry-all pouches, i-phone cases, battery chargers, puzzles, spiral notebooks all coordinating with one another. Then there are accent pillows that coordinate perfectly with the wall art, for entry way, living room, family room, bedrooms. My artworks are lined down our hallway, in our living room, family room that Pop calls his "man's cave", and at the beginning of our stair case. Wen we have visitors, there is usually someone who wants to walk through our home to view the paintings. Our home has taken on the look of an art gallery. Joyfully painting for you, family & friends, Rosie Foshee

About the artist in me, by Rosie Foshee

Rosie Foshee My first paintings, in oils, was landscapes 20+ years ago, before 2001. Later I began painting with watercolors, I found I loved painting with oils or watercolors. Then I gave acrylics a try, I love acrylics also. I found I love painting landscapes, wildlife, flowers, and birds, all in the realism style So I go back and forth with all my paints. My goal is to paint in the way I see things in nature. My aim is to paint a rose of Sharon in the way I may see it along a fence line, a rose in the way I see it on my rose bush, the celosia, in the way I see it in our flower garden, The red cardinal the way I saw it on our deck or back porch. The red breast robin, the way I saw it on a wood fence line. Each of these, I have taken and collected photo after photo. Pop has asked me "What are you going to do with all those photos, My answer, "Photos are my inspirations for paintings." Joyfully painting for you, your family & friends, and my goal, to be a daily painter.